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ALSER has been defending, for more than 40 years, the need to recycle and the applicability of recycled products.

Today, the increasing use of plastics in many sectors is all too evident. This involves the exertion of social responsibility pressure on the industrial sector in order to demand the responsible use of these raw materials during the manufacturing process and also with regard to the useful life of these items made available to consumers.

For this reason, ALSER is urging industry to recycle, so that society can save, so that a final delivery point can be made available to waste managers, and to close the sustainability cycle again. A never-ending cycle, something that can be achieved with plastic, if we put the appropriate channels in place and if plastic is not illegally tipped in the countryside.

Infinity Alser Polymer is ALSER’s eco-plastic solution from different sources. The different qualities, traceability, regulations and process certification are included in the documentation provided and in the corresponding technical datasheets.

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Infinity Recycling, the 100% ALSER spirit in all your re-usable polymer products. Each batch of raw material delivered to customers for processing at their factories is certified.