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PA6 | Polyamide 6

PA 6 (Polyamide 6) is one of the most used polyamides due to the good availability of the raw material (caprolactam), the wide range of applications, and the ease and economic feasibility of production, as well as its easy transformation and recycling. It is characterised for its excellent mechanical properties, resistance to wear, low friction co-efficient, high fusion point, good resistance to impact and high resistance to fatigue.

Uses of PA6 | Polyamide 6

Engine Guards


  • Injection

Recyclable Vs Reusable

In our plastic recycling plant we have the machinery and capacity to produce PA6 | Polyamide 6 in different colors and with different characteristics of flow and impact and / or loads.

Packaging (for other measurements and weight consult)


Weight Kg High m. Width m. Deep
A 1.000 2,30 1,20 1,20
B 800 1,85 1,20 1,20
C 500 1,60 1,20 1,20

Big Bag

Weight Kg High m. Width m. Deep
A 1.100 2,00 1,20 1,20
B 800 1,70 1,20 1,20
C 500 1,50 1,20 1,20

Tanker truck

20 tn.
25 tn.
30 tn.