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PA66 | Polyamide 66 with 30% Glass Fibre

PA 66 GF30 (Polyamide 66) with 30% Glass Fibre is the aliphatic polyamide with superior mechanical resistance characteristics, such as load and module. Characterised by the connection of amide CO-NH derived formally from the condensation of a carboxylic acid and an amide, upon which many of the properties of this kind of molecule depend. It is part of more important synthetic materials such as thermoplastic. It is a resin, which unlike PA 6, has more rigidity, greater mechanical resistance characteristics, good resistance to abrasion with low friction co-efficient, and good resistance to organic solvents, excellent dimensional stability and temperature resistance. Yet it has a lower resistance to impact than PA 6 (it is more crystalline and therefore more breakable). Moulding cycles are short, and via co-polymerisation and added fibre, rubber or minerals, a wide distribution of the physical-mechanical and thermal properties can be obtained by levels. It is hygroscopic, which is why it must be dried before its use in injection.

Uses of PA66 | Polyamide 66 with 30% Glass Fibre

Engine Guards


  • Injection

Recyclable Vs Reusable

In our plastic recycling plant we have the machinery and capacity to produce PA66 | Polyamide 66 with 30% Glass Fibre in different colors and with different characteristics of flow and impact and / or loads.

Packaging (for other measurements and weight consult)


OCTAVINES 1000 800 500 K ENVASES ALSER copia 1
Weight Kg High m. Width m. Deep
A 1.000 2,30 1,20 1,20
B 800 1,85 1,20 1,20
C 500 1,60 1,20 1,20

Big Bag

BIGBAG 1100 800 500 K ENVASES ALSER copia
Weight Kg High m. Width m. Deep
A 1.100 2,00 1,20 1,20
B 800 1,70 1,20 1,20
C 500 1,50 1,20 1,20

Tanker truck

CISTERNA 20 25 30 TN
20 tn.
25 tn.
30 tn.