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PP 40T | Semi-Copolymer Copolymer 40% Talc

PP Semi-Copolymer is highly versatile, with many applications across different sectors. This PP (Polypropylene) with 40% Talc charge, is high density and is ideal for different projects and uses.

You can consult the different versions at Alser, PP (Polypropylene) with Talc at 0%, 10%, 20%, 30% Or modified for high impacts, high MFI fluidity, etc.

This PP (Polypropylene) can also be treated for applications with thermal ageing and for pieces that are going to be painted. (For further details, information can be requested).

Uses of PP C 40T | Semi-Copolymer Copolymer 40% Talc



  • Average fluidity 8 to 15
  • Medium impact

Recyclable Vs Reusable

In our plastic recycling plant we have the machinery and capacity to produce PP C 40T | Semi-Copolymer Copolymer 40% Talc in different colors and with different characteristics of flow and impact and / or loads.

Packaging (for other measurements and weight consult)


Weight Kg High m. Width m. Deep
A 1.000 2,30 1,20 1,20
B 800 1,85 1,20 1,20
C 500 1,60 1,20 1,20

Big Bag

Weight Kg High m. Width m. Deep
A 1.100 2,00 1,20 1,20
B 800 1,70 1,20 1,20
C 500 1,50 1,20 1,20

Tanker truck

20 tn.
25 tn.
30 tn.