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Thermoplastic Rubber TPE | Recycled Elastomers

TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) is the general name of thermoplastic elastomer, also called thermoplastic rubber. Thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) are a type of polymeric materials with rubber elastic behaviour and the processable characteristics of thermoplastics. Rubbers have been strategically important since the start of the automotive industry. Thermoplastic elastomers can also act as a rubber. TPE are generally low module flexible materials that can be stretched repeatedly to achieve at least double their original length at room temperature, with the ability to return to approximately their original length when tension is released.

Uses of Thermoplastic Rubber TPE | Recycled Elastomers



  • Injection
  • Co-Injection

Recyclable Vs Reusable

In our plastic recycling plant we have the machinery and capacity to produce Thermoplastic Rubber TPE | Recycled Elastomers in different colors and with different characteristics of flow and impact and / or loads.

Packaging (for other measurements and weight consult)


Weight Kg High m. Width m. Deep
A 1.000 2,30 1,20 1,20
B 800 1,85 1,20 1,20
C 500 1,60 1,20 1,20

Big Bag

Weight Kg High m. Width m. Deep
A 1.100 2,00 1,20 1,20
B 800 1,70 1,20 1,20
C 500 1,50 1,20 1,20

Tanker truck

20 tn.
25 tn.
30 tn.